Overview of the Motorola Halo+

What is the Halo+?

The Halo+ is the most advanced and versatile baby monitor and soother, on the market. It comes with a full HD (1080p) camera that can be mounted, for an over-the-crib view, or detached and used as a stand-alone camera around the house, for travel and/or once your child grows out of the crib.

The uniquely designed mount has many great features to help soothe your baby to sleep. It works as a night light, with 7 different color options, and light show projector that emits images on the ceiling that creates a comfortable atmosphere for your little one. It has the ability to play lullabies, soothing sounds and bedtime stories.

You can get a clear view of your baby, using the large display on the parent monitor, or you can connect to the Halo+ camera, using your smart device through the Hubble App, when you’re on-the-go. The Halo+ camera is a comprehensive way to keep a watchful eye on your baby, by delivering peace of mind while also being fun to use!

What can I do on the Hubble for Motorola Monitors App?

The Hubble for Motorola Monitors App is a great way to stay connected to your baby, when you’re not at home. You can control all camera functions straight from your smart device, download additional lullabies, soothing sounds and audiobooks or create your own personal audio recordings to play for your little one! You can capture priceless moments and share with family and friends via social media. Plus, you can share viewing access to family members and loved ones privately, through the secure Hubble app!

The Hubble app is also an innovative source for understanding your baby’s sleeping patterns, tracking your child’s development and getting the latest sleep and parenting tips from top researchers and experts. The Halo+ Sleep Insights is only available for the Halo models (Halo, Halo+, Halo+ Deluxe) and is a wonderful way to help create healthy sleep routines for you and baby! The sleep insights allow you to analyze your baby’s night by detecting motions, triggered by your baby moving around in the crib. This data is captured, logged and presented into a chart, to help you understand your baby’s sleep trends and activity levels during the night. You can also receive instant access to photos/videos of each time the camera motion sensor was triggered, so you can go back and see why your little one woke up or save precious memories to share with your friends and family.

The Growth and Development Tracker lets you log in your baby’s growth measurements, sleep schedule, food intake, diaper changes and mom’s pumping durations, compared to nationally recommended standards, all for free! You can also use it to share information with your pediatrician and doctor; however, this is not a medical device and shouldn’t be used as one. Everyday there is a new Baby Fact of the Day that educates parents on interesting facts about their baby’s cognitive development, filtered to their child’s specific age.

The Sleep and Parenting Advice is a great resource for new parents to learn important information about their baby, because it’s tailored to give you material based on your child’s current age and stage of development. Parents can get the latest research and evidence-based sleep tips through videos and articles from leading organizations, such as The Pediatric Sleep Council, Parenting Science and The Baby Sleep Site, all for free.

What’s Included in the Box?

  • Mounting Kit
  • 4.3” Color Display Screen
  • FHD 1080p Detachable Camera with Digital Zoom
  • Power Adapters
  • Quick Start Guide

Why the Halo+?

The Motorola Halo+ is more than a just a baby monitor… it sets a whole new standard for nurseries, across the world. Coupled with the Hubble app, it’s an all-in-one product that offers parents a night light, light show projector, soothing sounds, music and stories, sleep data, growth and development tracking, parenting and sleep tips from expert sources and so much more!

The crib mount is easy to attach to the crib, and it requires no tools or screws so your walls can stay clean and hole-free. It provides parents a monitoring experience that will last for years – no more breaking the bank on expensive products that you can only use during your child’s infant years – with a camera that is detachable. Once your child moves out of their crib, you still have a high definition (1080p) free-standing baby monitor to use in their room or in another area of your home, without needing any additional mount.