6 Tips for Surviving Thanksgiving with Your Baby

Thanksgiving is a time for joy and happiness with the people you love the most. This also means dealing with the stress of getting everything perfect and making sure that everyone is comfortable at all times.

With a newborn baby, you just spent most of the year dealing with enough stress. Giving birth, coping with postpartum recovery and getting used to sleepless nights are all still fresh. The last thing you want is to spend Thanksgiving completely overwhelmed because you weren’t fully prepared for your baby’s first big family outing.

Along with the usual stress that follows large get-togethers, this year you’ll be introducing your baby to all your family and friends. We put together a short list of tips that we hope will help alleviate the stress and make this Thanksgiving the best experience possible.

1 – Enjoy a Quiet Morning

Having an uneventful morning is ideal on the big day. The evening will be quite busy and it’s just as exhausting on your baby as it is on you. Try to have a routine morning that involves a basic breakfast and a lot of relaxing.

You don’t want to overwhelm your baby before the party even begins. Chances are, everyone will want to meet your baby and this can be very exhausting for your newborn. Make sure they are fully awake and ready for the big event.

2 – Don’t Worry About Imperfections

When it comes to any family gathering, we often want to make everything perfect. However, it’s even more important now that you have a newborn to take a step back and breathe. It’s okay if the turkey isn’t cooked to perfection or if the table cloth is a little off center.

What matters the most is that you all have an enjoyable time and that you think of yourself and the baby. Ask your family to help out by bringing a dish or if you’re going to someone else’s place, take a breather and sit down. Enjoy the evening and don’t over-do it.

3 – Make Sure to Over-Pack

One crucial thing you’ll want to remember when traveling for Thanksgiving (or any outing for that matter) is to over-pack. You don’t want to have to run out of diapers right as you sit down for dinner.

Pack onesies, milk, diapers, towels, bottles, pacifiers, blankets, rash cream, bibs, wipes and anything else that you may need. Even if you probably won’t use it, bring it. You’re better to bring more than less. Diaper bags are big – make sure you get the most out of it.

4 – Naps are Just as Important

Through the rushing around and making sure not to forget anything important, we often tend to forget the most important thing of all – sticking to our regular routines. This is especially important for a newborn. Throughout the first few weeks of their lives, you have begun installing a nap routine. Your baby is used to this routine and needs their nap to be in a good mood for the rest of the day.

It’s important that you put your baby down for a nap at your usual time, even if you’re rushing around and getting everything ready. Not allowing your child to nap at their regular time will mess with their inner clock and will make the evening much more difficult on both you and your child.

5 – Keep Your Child Busy

You should make sure to pack many things to keep your child busy throughout the evening. The attention span of your baby is much shorter than yours, so you’ll need to bring as many toys and books as you can. If you can fit a portable baby swing in your car, that’s a huge plus.

Bringing books is great for downtimes, such as after dinner. You can find a quiet area and read to them to keep them entertained. Bring their favorite toys so they can stay busy while you’re socializing. As long as you have enough toys and books to keep your baby busy, you should be able to easily avoid never-ending crying episodes.

6 – Pack a Variety of Clothes

When travelling, you should always pack a nice variety of clothes. You never know how warm or chilly it will be at the house you are visiting. Some people have cooler households, whereas some prefer to crank up the heat.

You’ll want to pack some onesies, long pyjamas and clothing for all temperatures. Especially if it’s winter – it can get pretty cold in the car on the drive to your gathering. Make sure you have enough blankets and covers to keep your little one nice and warm at all times.