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Flying While Pregnant – Is It Safe?

Air travel during pregnancy is a very misunderstood topic. Some will tell you that it’s unsafe for you to travel during the first weeks, others will say that it’s unsafe to travel during the 3rd trimester. Some people might even say you should avoid air travel altogether while pregnant. Knowing what is true and what is actually safe can quickly become overwhelming with so many different schools of thought on this topic.

In most cases flying is safe up until the 36th week. Most airlines won’t even let you board the plane if you are 36 weeks pregnant or more.

However, this only applies to women with healthy pregnancies. If you have dealt with any type of complications, you will need to check in with your doctor to see whether or not you are cleared to fly. In fact, we recommend checking with your doctor at all times before flying while pregnant.

Tips for Flying While Pregnant

Even if you get cleared for flight during your pregnancy, there are still a few tricks you may want to consider in order to make your flight easier to handle.

  • Belt Placement: When flying as a pregnant woman, the lap belt may become an issue. However, there are moments when you have no choice but to buckle up. Doctors recommend placing the lap belt under your abdomen to avoid any complications.
  • Drink a Lot: Drinking often is important during pregnancy, but it’s even more important while flying. Most airplane cabins have low humidity levels, which can lead to dehydration. By drinking a lot of fluids, you can prevent dealing with dehydration.
  • Circulation: It’s a good idea to promote circulation and blood flow in your body. You can do this by taking regular walks up and down the aisle from time to time. If you absolutely need to remain seated, make sure to stretch your legs regularly.
  • Airline Policies: Always make sure to check the airline’s policies before flying with them while pregnant. Each airline can set different regulations and some may refuse pregnant women after a certain amount of months pregnant. They may also have special requirements, so it’s always best to check into their requirements and policies first.
  • Security Plan: Make sure you make a backup plan for medical attention if needed in the area that you are visiting. Look into where the nearest hospitals are located. Look into whether or not your insurance plan is covered in that region. Make sure that if needed, you can get medical attention quickly.

Are You a Frequent Flyer?

Flying on occasion is no big deal, but if you’re a frequent flyer and pregnant, you’ll want to discuss this with your doctor. For instance, if you’re a flight attendant or if you travel often on business. Airplanes flying at high altitudes and give off some radiation exposure, which does no harm when flying on occasion, but if you plan on flying regularly, your doctor may want to limit your flight hours during your pregnancy.