• Remote Pan/Tilt
  • 2-Way Talk
  • Alexa & Google Assistance Enabled
  • 5-Inch Display Screen


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Every time you head out for work or go on a business trip, you have to leave your house and loved ones behind. As the day goes by, various questions pop in your head, such as, “Is my baby doing okay?”, “What is my pet up to right now?”, or “Is the new housekeeper being careful with our things?” You are already dealing with a tough day and you just can’t afford to stay worried the whole time. 

The Connect40 by Motorola allows you to monitor your loved ones and home, while you are out and about. 


Our family video monitor works as an excellent baby monitor, giving you a live feed of your little one‘s nursery or your toddler’s roomUse your voice to give your baby reassurance that you’re there, even when you’re not in the roomLull them to sweet slumber with a soothing lullaby or create a personal audio recording to play for them. 

You can also use this family monitor as a 2-way intercom system for your home. Remind your teens to do their chores, tell your pet to get off the couch or check if your elderly loved ones are comfortable and safe.  


Whether you are in the next room or halfway across the world, our security camera provides you an instant broadcast of what’s happening in your home. View the feed from your smartphone via a secure and private WiFi connection, so you can stay connected no matter how near or far you are. Record videos and store them in the cloud for future use. Watch your daily video summary anytime from the 5” control unit or your smart device. 


Need more than 1 video camera to watch over your entire household? Our family monitor lets you connect up to 4 cameras at a time (each one sold separately), allowing you to view and record footage from different parts of your home. Watch live feeds from all 4 cameras simultaneously with the split-screen viewing feature. And with a 1,000ft connectivity range, enjoy the view of your backyard, garage, patio, and garden without the fear of losing connection. 


Designed in a travel-friendly size, take this family camera with you to college or ovacation for extra security iyour room. With its wireless design, you won’t have to worry about spending hours setting up the video monitor, dealing with bunched up cables, or drilling holes in the wall just to mount the camera. It includes an easy-to-follow guide for hassle-free installation. 


As a new parent, you want to make sure that all your baby’s needs are taken care of. Through the downloadable Hubble app, you get complete access to numerous articles and videos that provide valuable parenting tips and Facts of the Day, specifically filtered for your baby’s age. The app also helps you keep track of your baby’s growth and development, sleep schedules, feeding times, diaper changes, and pumping durations. 


The wireless camera measures the temperature in the room, which displayed at the top left of the control unit and on the app through your mobile device – letting you know if the room is getting too cold or too warm for comfort. It also records videos automatically when movement is detected (requires a paid plan). The control unit uses a rechargeable battery, with a visual LED sound level indicator that lights up to reflect the sound level captured in the room.