Surviving the Holidays with a Newborn

Are you concerned about the upcoming holidays and what it will be like with your newborn?

Going from one family dinner to another and one party to another is stressful for adults, but it’s even worst when you have a newborn. The holidays are crazy – you spend most of your time travelling, hosting parties and attending dinner events.

However, it doesn’t have to be so difficult. We’re going to share a few holiday secrets to help make surviving these holidays so much easier.

Be Open to Canceling Plans

During the holiday season, it’s normal for most of us to make way too many plans. From numerous get-togethers to diner parties and family gatherings, we often overwhelm ourselves. However, with a newborn, you should be open to canceling plans if needed. Whether your child gets sick, you spend a sleepless night or just don’t feel up for it – don’t feel bad about missing an event or two.

Skip the Decorating

You may be used to going overboard with decorations, but it’s totally fine if you skip it this year. You don’t have to put up so many lights this year or add a reef to your door. Try to keep the decorating to a minimum, which will make your life a lot easier. It’ll also make putting the decorations away a little easier too.

Keep Everything Simple

It’s a good idea to keep all your holiday activities to a minimum. For instance, rather than going all out with groceries, it’s a good idea to get take out instead. Instead of getting personalized gifts for everyone, go ahead and give gift cards instead, which makes buying gifts a lot easier. When buying desert, get store-bought deserts that are all ready to eat.

Let Your Family Bring the Party to You

Travelling is one of the most difficult parts of the holidays with a newborn. However, hosting a party yourself is also very exhausting. A great alternative to both of these options is to ask your friends and family to bring the party to your house. Ask everyone to bring a plate of food and ask some people to arrive early to help you set up everything. This prevents you from having to travel, but also removes the need to host a full party on your own.

Set Some Rules

It’s a good idea to set some rules or guidelines before the party. Maybe you don’t want everyone touching your baby (to avoid getting them sick) or maybe you want to leave before 9pm without having your family make a big deal about it. Whatever you want to set in place, make sure to be clear about everything before attending the party.

Feel Free to Sleep Over

If you’re travelling these holidays, you may want to ask your family members if you could sleep over instead of heading home late at night. Most people will be more than happy to have you stay over for the night rather than taking the road late at night. This makes it a lot easier when you have a newborn because you can set them down to bed and you can go relax whenever you begin feeling tired.